Tamil Nadu,

Stanes  School,


In June 2015 I was asked to take a training session with the Junior School teachers on Phonics

We spent one day looking at the environment and experiences required by the children and  to be supplied by the teachers  for fostering the development of reading in children coming from homes where English is not used. Teachers also examined what phonics is and  the differences between phonetics and phonological awareness.

Teachers then examined the  reasons for teaching phonics and the pre requisites for learning phonics.

The second day focused on the  elements of teaching phonics- learning about syllables, consonant sounds and how they are written and  how vowel sounds are made.

After the break we focused on how to teach phonics- the order of skill development, the lesson plan and activities to engage children in learning phonic skills. The teachers than had time to create an activity or game they could then take back to the classroom to use with their class.


Activities left and and games right.

Working on assignments Individual teaching Demonstrations Working together Jone presenting.