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Vellore Kingston School

You are very kind and helped me to complete the activities and task. Thanks for making the training session more lively and joyful. Preetha

How many methods we are having  in this course! I am not  hearing about that before. Thanks for the teachers! M Sivashankari:

I like this training ma’am. The topics are useful  to teach the lesson. I can improve my talent  to improve student’s knowledge.   S Bakkiyalakshmi:

2017 Ida Scudder Schoool Velore

The training was really interesting-Beulah

First of all I thank Almighty God who gave me this opportunity to me. I learned many new  information through this training. It was so helpful to me to improve in my teaching. Thank you- Jisha ( has 6 years teaching experience)

I enjoyed thoroughly – Santhy (214 years teaching experience)

It is more valuable lessons for to implement in my class- Praveen (5 years experience)

It is very useful to my career. Now I found the students difficulties and I find what are changes to make my teaching. It’s useful for my children. Thank you Christine and Padma ma’am. – V Ponnurangan ( 3 years teaching experience)