2015 First May Class

Some more comments after the first contact class:

2015  Classes

A small group of three met to attend the start classes of their SEENCO training in December 2015. Two teachers were from Modern Public School, Bhiwadi,  the same school three teachers came from who completed the classes in August 2014.

It was exciting to have a young man join the course- he has many years to put what he learns into practice- and is the first man to complete the first set of contact classes.  

The school has also shown its commitment to providing for children with SEN by sending a second cohort of teachers to be trained!


The SENCo course absolutely met with my expectations. It was fun learning. Christine and Bipasa are empowerers! Ema

This was one of the comments given on the final class feedback forms  from this year's  final contact class in May 2015. Five teachers  from three different starting batches attended the class  but all worked well together during the activities and learnt from each others experiences.

Other comments:

The SENCo course has equipped me with certain tools that will help me to deal with my children.

The classes were absolutely interactive and full of activities.

I now found it more comfortable to conduct informal assessments.

The second May class

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There were 10 trainees came for the end classes in May 2016- two of whom only joined the course in December 2015!  In this batch we had two teachers from a school in Srinagar, Kashmir where the SEN department now caters for 75 children with 30 Special educators and other professionals. The school has a Resource Room where children come for intervention classes from their regular classes and a Special Unit where children with more complex needs have all their classes.

2016  End Classes May 2016

Commendations: “ The course was much more than I had expected! I respect the honesty and equality with which the course is carried out.”

“We have a lot of experiences and it (the course) is better than we expected.”

“The presentations were conducted well, giving all the participants a free hand to share”

“Presenting My journey as a SENC0 was an emotional experience.”

There were also three trainees form a school in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan who have set up a SEN department and are now sending teachers regularly for training as they know of no other courses from where to get their SEN teachers trained. One lady heads up the SEN department in a school in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, which was started by a trainee from four years ago.

We also had trainees who are looking at how to develop awareness in their area- one lady is in a town near Corbett National Park where her family owns the school and it is the only school willing to take in children with SEN. She found the contact days very refreshing as she was able to discuss needs with others who understood what she was asking!

The SENCo training is equipping teachers  in both urban and rural settings, who are looking to introduce  catering for children with SEN and those who are developing their staff! The next classes will be in Delhi in November 2016!

We had eight teachers taking the initial contact class this year from India, Oman and Bangladesh! Several teachers were sent from schools who have started Special Educational Needs departments in their schools and are now sending teachers for training so they can expand their departments.   Some of the teachers were Special Educators  and others class and subject teachers with a desire for more knowledge. We  even had a male student!

2016  Initial Contact

Some of the comments after the first contact class included:

The activities and IEP writing were really useful. Learning the process of assessment leading up to developing IEP’s was a good practical exercise/experience. I am excited to incorporate what we have learnt! Lanusongla

The classes were very interactive and each activity helped me to better my understanding. Srishti

I sure will be able to incorporate the ideas I have learnt in my school and I am all geared up to make a difference. Mark

More time spent in the “Sonday System” would help me digest it better- Jumana

2016  November

Second Initial Contact Class

We held a start class for three participants this month- very diverse in their backgrounds- one lady is a social worker and parent of a child on the autistic spectrum, another works in a government office and the third is from Myanmar- a lady who takes tuition groups at home. This meant a challenging  few days as lessons had to be simplified in terms of content and language whilst technically challenging for the person with a background in psychology.

“The quality of the  audiovisual inputs was very good throughout” Rita

“The session on approaches to support was great as we had a very good discussion and role play” Aparna

Comments from the initial contact classes include: “The session on lesson planning  was very descriptive and comprehensive” Aparna

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