Tamil Nadu,

Karunya School


I was invited by the Principal to take a staff enrichment session on Discipline and encouraging  positive behaviour in schools. After a three hour journey to reach the school I  listened, along with the teachers from the school, to the introductory lecture by a colleague who is the Principal of a school in Coimbatore.

He compared the needs staff perceive they have of the management in a school with those the children  have with the teachers. He concluded that all children and all suggestions are important and should be heard! Students and teachers should "be their best" and not be compared with others.


The two sessions I led were on the difference between discipline and punishment and encouraging positive behaviour in the class. Teachers examined which strategies they know, which they might be willing to try and those they feel uncomfortable with!

We also looked at reasons for misbehaviour and how the teacher can rectify this through:-


Teachers also commented: "I want to create a work ethos more efficiently" Serene

"I found the length of the programme was sufficient" Suganthi

"Punishment is not always required to discipline" Viola