Tamil Nadu


Mountain Home School


We are running a 6 month course in Mountain Home School, Coonoor  training the junior school staff in recognising and catering for children with SEN in the classes. This is two Saturday mornings a month course with participants completing assignments each month. All have registered to receive certificates from MLCU.

The units of the course are :

Month 2

We focused the teaching on identifying and  recognising the range of Special Educational Needs found in a class. The quality of the role plays suggests the teachers grasped the concepts well.

Month 3

As the months have progressed we have taught the teachers how to recognise and support children with a variety of Special educational Needs.

This month we looked at Attention Deficit/ ADHD and teachers conducted a role play on how they would support a child with this difficulty in their classes.

Next we will learn about Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia and Dyspraxia.

Month 4

The teachers learnt about how to recognize Attention Deficit and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder plus the differences between Dyscalculia( difficulty with maths), Dysgraphia ( difficulty with handwriting) and Dyspraxia( difficulty with motor movement)  They have assignments to complete on these topics this month. We trainers think the teachers are finding the course challenging but they are all attempting the activities and assignments!

Month 5 Differentiated Lessons Visual Aids

The penultimate session was  spent explaining how the teachers can adapt their lesson plans to include strategies that will support children with Special Educational Needs in a practical way.  Time was spent comparing disability specific accommodations and skills accommodations then the second part of the class was spent explaining differentiation.  Teachers found this difficult as they would normally teach the same matter to all the children!

Teachers  had 4 tasks that incorporated all the  topics they had covered over the 6 months.

A role play explaining Learning Styles to a group of parents 

 Comments from the teachers-

Jayanthie-  I found all the learning  methods had their own advantage so I felt all the methods of learning very useful.

Jitha- I found catering for children with Emotional Behavioral Disabilities difficult- trying to understand from Prevention to Procedures to Confrontation!

Christy- Thank you Ma’am ( Padma and Christine)  for giving us the knowledge of the difficulties faced by our children. I assure you that I would be patient in identifying  the needs of each child and put into practice all that you have taught

Syed Abbas- I found the sessions about Learning Styles and the disorders most helpful