Specialist Tuition

June 2015 saw the start of the Good Word Centre Specialist tuition classes!

Classes have begun with  four teachers who completed the MLCU course in January taking students who have difficulties with reading and spelling.

The children registered with the Centre and started with a Language Training Programme designed to help children with Learning Disabilities( difficulties with  learning to read and spell).

The teachers plan individual classes for their students and carefully note successes and needs for revision before planning the next lesson at the end of the teaching session. Children are attending class three times a week for an hour at a time. The repetitive, cumulative, multi sensory nature of the lesson planned supports their learning needs and all are beginning to experience success in their classes that in turn leads to a desire to learn more!


As the  teachers gain in experience and the children's parents see the growing interest  and successes in their children we expect the need for more classes to increase!

2015 Tuition classes begin!

2016 March

We now have 5 students attending on a regular basis with another deciding this week if he wants support for Maths and study skills.

There are enquiries almost weekly- we just need teachers and teaching slots available to accommodate them all!

2016 November

The tuition Centre is now a hive of activity. 

There are  12 students with classes running daily between Monday and Friday- and we have a waiting list as student number exceed trained tutors available! The tuitions focus on supporting children with reading and spelling difficulties; we have one student in Std 8 who receives support for Hindi and Maths twice a week.

Alongside the tuitions in the centre Christine and Padma teach children in Stanes School twice a week supporting 11 children from the hostel who need help with reading and spelling but who have no opportunity for individual help in the hostel.

We are planning to train more tutors  with our third  course in Recognising and teaching children with Dyslexia contact classes being held between at the Good Word Education Centre.

2016 December

Govind was discovered to be possibly dyslexic when a friend suggested I assess him.

His grandmother,  an aunt and two staff from Gudalur are planning to come and take the course in January on Recognising and Teaching children with Dyslexia – so that they can then teach Govind and others who may have similar difficulties!