In early January 2017  The Good Word Education Centre ran a three day contact class for the Recognizing and Teaching children with Dyslexia. This was part of  6 month course in association with MLCU. We had twenty participants coming from Ooty, Coonoor, Gudalur, Hubli, Chennai and Dharmapuri. Some were teachers and others parents who have children with Learning Disabilities.

2017 January


January 17th and 19th saw the contact classes for the first course to be run in affiliation with the MLCU in Shillong. Seven teachers learnt how to recognise and the principles of teaching a child with Dyslexia.

The course covered:-

Students hard at work in the new classroom

I found the visual method of learning the most helpful

 Rita Rajkumari

Recognizing and Teaching children with Dyslexia.

There were 11 participants from a variety of backgrounds-teachers, managers, remedial tutors who all worked  hard over the three days to understand the principles  used in teaching children with dyslexia.

Some comments from the feedback forms:

The final contact class will be held in October.

2017 April

2017 October group

The October group ( 5th batch of trainees) was exclusive- we had four students on the day we started! All worked well together and though we took as much time with 4 as we did with 20 they seemed to appreciate the extra individual attention. One trainee travelled from Bangalore and one from Kerala with the other two being more local!

2017 April Final class

This group of students were lively and mixed well during the activities. They had all studied and  were able to complete the assessment assignments with confidence. It was one participants birthday that day so she treated us to pizza and cake for afternoon tea!

It would be helpful if we had more time  and could go a little slower with rules and phonics because I have not studied phonics before. Sandhya

I found group work and activities very helpful- practical application especially when we had to take a lesson! Debbie

I would not mind another session where we could [practice in pairs the teaching of another person- Vidhika