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2016 January January

Padma and Christine returned in January 2016 to conduct the second of three teacher  training sessions for the  teachers at Kingston Matriculation School. This time the training focused on reviewing areas  that the teachers had found difficult to understand in the first visit plus introducing new topics of Learning Styles and Lesson Planning.

The teachers worked much better together – having now had 8 months of working in the same school- and appeared more relaxed with the trainers too. They participated in the activities and assignments with enthusiasm and were happy to clarify doubts regarding their assignments. More than half of the staff have opted to register with Martin Luther University  so they will obtain a nationally recognised certificate when they complete the course in April 2016.

Padma and Christine spent three days at Kingston Matriculation School, Katpadi, Vellore training a group of teachers who were all new to each other, gathered to open a new school. The Principal wanted the teachers to receive training in practical teaching methods before the school opens so as to set the standard and methods before the children begin their school experience in the school.

The owner of the school mentioned in an interview with us that he is not interested in "number crunching" schools of large classes but wants quality education to take place in his institution.




We return in January to assess the teachers’ progress and conduct the next training programme as the teachers journey towards receiving a certificate of competence in April if they pass!

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Our third visit to the school saw the teachers completing several practical assignments to assess their understanding of the topics covered through the year. There was a dramatic improvement in some of the teachers’ work and willingness to try new  teaching methods and styles of learning.

The sessions focused on the classroom environment –and teachers had the opportunity to create an activity based learning aid and a bulletin board that can be used to aid teaching at the beginning of the next academic year.

Teachers also completed classroom layouts, lesson plans and posters that will help them manage their classes and encourage healthy discipline.

2016 April January

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