Training Seminars

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Kerala, Kings School, Kollam Seminar: Understanding the special needs of our learners. Chattisgarrh:  Life Acadamy, Pakhanjore  A four day programme training teachers and assessing children. Chattisgarrh, Blaze Academy, Balod  Together we looked at:  The role of the teacher, Lesson Planning, Healthy Discipline,Learning Styles  Multiple Intelligences

Tamil Nadu,Karunya School,Coimbatore

Sessions on “The difference between discipline and punishment and “Encouraging positive behaviour in classes.”

Tamil Nadu, Stanes  School, Coimbatore  I was invited by the Principal to  take a seminar on developing awareness of Special Educational Needs (SEN) with  50 senior school teachers at the school. Tamil Nadu, Dharmapuri  The "school" is  run  in a factory - most junior classes are in one room separated by room dividers. There are some children studying "home School" in a classroom downstairs. Tamil Nadu: Ooty Consultancy Services Ootacamund.   Training teachers in  association with "The Well” Consultancy Services".

Tamil Nadu, Hosur,Asian Christian High School

 We trained 100 teachers over three days in 

Preparing children for adult life, Multiple Intelligence, Blooms Taxonomy, Teaching methods and planning - the curriculum and lesson.

Tamil Nadu: Santhosha Vidhyalaya, Donavor   Individul Assessment Click for larger image Uttarakhand: Shishya School, Selaqui Teachers Workshops and class room observation. Click for larger image

Vellore: Kingston School

The Principal wanted the teachers to receive training in practical teaching methods before the school opens.


KLE MR Sakhare English Medium School

Karnataka; Hubli, Dharwad; JSS Shr Manjunatheshwara School

The teachers came with a wide range of years of experience and their  feedback of the course ranged from excellent to very good.

SANKALP, Chennai 2012 Christine was one of the Key speakers at the 2012 SANKALP conference. Samadhan Evaluating the work of Samadan Blue Mountain School Ooty 2014 Founded in 1962 by the educationist and pioneer of the Indian Public School movement, the late F.G. Pearce who was deeply inspired by the Teachings on Education of the renowned Thinker and Philosopher J. Krishnamurti.